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Special Offer : A full wedding fee refund if you have to cancel your wedding due to the Coronavirus

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

We understand how uncertain times are right now, and we want you to be able to book your wedding photographer with the peace of mind that should the Coronavirus mean you have to cancel your wedding then we will refund you the full Wedding fee paid, including any Booking fee paid.

The offer covers any booked weddings that take place during the period of 1st January 2021 to 31st Dec 2022.

The offer is valid if any one of the following things occur:

  1. You have had to cancel the wedding due to the venue cancelling your date due to the Coronavirus. You must be able to prove this.

  2. You (bride and groom) or any member of your immediate family (brothers, sisters, mums, dads & grandparents) have contracted the virus and forced your need to cancel the wedding. Medical evidence would be needed.

Other Conditions:

  1. If you change the date of your wedding and we are free on your new date then you would need to ask for us to rebook to your new date. No refund would be offered if this occurs.

  2. You refund must be requested in writing along with any supporting evidence.

  3. Any other reasons for cancelling your wedding are not covered by this offer. Our cancellation policy is detailed on the booking form.

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