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" Capturing the Little Moments - Part 1 "

I can only describe wedding photography as a skill in which you are simply a hawk at a wedding. You have to think ahead, listen well, be ready and alert at all times.

Lets start with the bridal preparations. So much emotion, expectation and nerves. I always try to let the morning flow, this image was taken from above, it gives a different angle of interest to the photo.

Love this shot. This was taken just as the bridesmaids first saw the bride in her dress. A moment that captures all the emotions from sadness to joy and beyond. #bridesmaids

This shot was taken as the groom first saw the bride. Even the strongest men can break down into tears when they see their love one appear looking so very beautiful in the dress.

Lets have a moment away. I love to take the couple on a little walk away from the guests. They have just got married, so its nice for them to have a little reflection time, while I snap away.

Lets not forget the confetti. This is a time for celebration and fun. All I do is record those moments as they happen. You can feel the emotions in the air.

The couple photos. This is a time when I like to give guidance to the couple on how to pose. Its all about connection, showing they love each other and they are together.

Watch out for part 2 coming soon.........

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